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Macedonian Guy vs Demi Lovato on Chatroulette


There’s the flood of look alikes to be found in Chatroulette Youtube videos. And this is another one. But the fun thing is here that the unknown chat partner actually is funnier than the famous one.

There’s somebody posing as Demi Lovato in this clip, the singer/actress famous for her Camp Rock movies and other stuff. (See here for Wiki article.) And she/he goes through a round of chats. But as the problem with the look alike acts is that (at best) it only works till they open their mouth, she is not much fun to watch. But the second guy, who according to the chat blurbs is from Macedonia is just the greatest fun. He instantly recognizes Demi and goes bananas. And I really mean bananas. He shouts, waves ands, makes lots of funny noises and makes jokes about himself.

That’s the kind of thing that makes Chatroulette so funny: totally natural comic guys and not the dead poser just sitting there trying to make clever typo comments.


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