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Vagina-Eye Clip


A clip called Eye Vagina has gathered a large following on Youtube since it was put online last February: what looks like a close-up of a vagina turns out to be a closed eye. And people thrown together with it on Chatroulette just  loved it!


The caption below reads “Ever noticed how some parts of your body can look like other parts of other people’s bodies?” The clip lets people see a vagina in their chatroom window morph into an eye or the other way round. And while a few people are grossed out, the large majority of people just loves this clip – and we are talking more than 2 million hits on the clip here.

The most interesting fact is that all kinds of people like it: young/old, boys/girls/men/women. It makes no difference. And also that they like it no matter which image they start with: whether the eye turns into a vagina, or the vagina turns into an eye.

The man behind this clip, John Leach, added a soundtrack to the Youtube clip singing about special features of his body and how he will take care of them – especially his new-found vagina.


Good luck to all of you finding your hidden female side!


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